The Dominican Republic

Old  and young natural tree resin is what you will find you will in the Dominican Republic. The old is called “amber” and the young is called “copal”.

The amber can be up to 40 million years old (La Toca Mine. ( New York Times, October 29, 2006 ). But also the younger resin that is found here; Dominican copal is an interesting product.

Copal is resin which is slightly softer than what is commonly known as “real amber” since it has not gone through the same timely extended stage of polymerization. For scientists, it is still extremely important to study biodiversity, biogeography, ecology and other related subjects based on its inclusions.

And the Baltic propaganda that copal is used to imitate “Baltic amber” may be true for the Baltic countries. Some Polish and Lithuanian amber producers buy and process copal and sell it as Baltic amber. Nevertheless, what is boils down to is that Copal is just “young amber” and “amber” is just old “copal”. Period.

You can use both to make beautiful jewelry. And fortunately, we (Ambarazul, LLC) sell both and will be clear about what you are buying. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Copal Jewelry

Copal Necklaces

Copal beads with Larimar beads

Copal beads with Larimar beads